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MGA Entertainment Makes The Hottest Toys Around

MGA (Micro Games America) Entertainment is a Los Angeles, California based company formed in 1997. Since its beginning, the company has come out with several lines of toys that have become quite popular, and has even acquired other toy companies such as Little Tikes, which is well known for making rugged outdoor children’s toys.MGA Entertainment’s most popular product has been its Bratz line of dolls for young girls. These dolls represent a group of four friends each with individual and unique personalities. They’ve been so successful that they’ve spawned offshoots such as Bratz Babies and Bratz Petz. The Bratz line has even inspired two feature films, “Bratz: The Movie” and “Bratz Girls Really Rock”. Since the success of the Bratz dolls, the company has released more lines of dolls with individual personalities such as the Moxie Girlz, Moxie Teenz, and the more extensive Lalaloopsy line of dolls which are a twist on the formula. Instead of representing hypothetical real girls, these dolls are said to be rag dolls brought to life and each given unique personalities as a result of the material that their clothes are made out of.They also own the Yummi-Land line of dolls which was introduced in 2006 with an accompanying movie named “Betsy Bubblegum’s Journey Through Yummi-Land”. The Yummi-Land line of dolls is made up of several sub lines, including “Candy Pop Girls”, “Soda Pop Girls”, “Creme Soda Pop Girls”, “Ice Cream Pop Girls”, “Flower Pop Girls”, “Smoothie Pop Girls”, “Sundae Pop Girls”, and “Birthday Pop Girls”.MGA Entertainment also owns the NARA Battling Bugs line of toys for young boys. These toys are mechanical insects that can skitter about randomly, or be connected to a remote control device in order to allow young boys to do battle against each other. These toys combine young boys’ love of creepy crawly insects with their desire for competition and because of this appeal have become an incredibly popular toy.The company also owns lines of stuffed animal dolls such as Rescue Pets, and My e-Pets 3D, which allows young children to enter a code and play online games with an Internet representation of their pet that they can play with and have lots of fun.In addition there’s the long standing Little Tikes Company which creates many lines of outdoor toys and play sets that children have enjoyed for generations. These include play houses, cottages, and castles, as well as child sized foot powered cars, wagons, and all sorts of other products that encourage children to be active and have fun.With all these great brands and lines of toys under its belt, this enterprising young company is a real force to reckon with in the toy manufacturing industry. They make great toys for very young children as well as older children, and are in the practice of making quality products that kids just go wild over. Keep a watch on MGA Entertainment for new product releases, as they’re sure to become popular hits with their target audience.Please see our Author’s box below for MGA Entertainment Toy offers, and other exciting news about MGA Entertainment.